Typing BFF in the Comment section to verify the security of your Facebook account?

All of you might have seen a message that is being spread viral on Facebook in the past couple of days. Type the text ‘BFF‘ in the comment box and confirm that your account is secure (if it’s showing in green). Incidentally, Facebook is now an accused in Cambridge Analytica Facebook data leak, one of the critical data leaks in the history, has played its part to make this viral. Even the hashtag #DeleteFacebook has also gone viral. But, the above message related to BFF is completely fake. Facebook has not invented such a feature to verify your account security. … Continue reading

Does low website speed affect your business

This article discusses about the importance of website speed and how¬†your¬†website as well as your business as a whole are affected due to pages on your website taking more time to load. Loading… Loading… Loading… Are you tired of seeing the rotation of your browser’s load status icon never stops when you access certain websites. Sometimes the website you are trying to access takes a lot of time to load that your patience is finally run out. How long will you be spending on such a website? Not much time, right? Yes, the speed of your site has a greater … Continue reading

Why You Should Not Use Mail Clients For Sending Bulk Emails

Do you send Greetings to your clients during festival time such as Christmas, New Year, Eid, Diwali, National Day, Onam etc? Do you send other news & announcement emails periodically to your clients and potential clients alike? If the answer is yes – Are you sending them from an email client such as Outlook or Gmail with the email addresses of all clients added in To field or CC or even Bcc for confidentiality? If they answer is no – It is time to start sending those emails as it can help boost your sales directly as well as indirectly. … Continue reading