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Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is an effective way to stay connected with your customers and promote your business efficiently. With email marketing you can reach large markets at low cost without the need of advertisement in print or visual media.

Email Marketing Services

Send Bulk Emails

With the popularity of Social Media Marketing most people neglected the power of email marketing. Email marketing is still one of the main online marketing media as it has some advantages that even Social Media Marketing lacks. Email is still a powerful and personal way to stay connected with your customers. Any email communication can be treated as email marketing if that email helps the company to build and improve customer satisfaction and trust in a product or a service. Email marketing is an efficient way to stay connected with your customers and to promote your business. With email marketing you can reach large markets without the need of advertisement in print or visual media. Characteristics of Mizzle's Email marketing Services are:
Bulk Email Marketing

Send Mails from your own Domain

No need to rely on third party providers to send your emails and confuse your users with the difference source shown in the marketing emails. Sending emails from your own Domains increase reputation and trust among your users which result in more clicks and better result from the email campaigns.

Bulk Mail Delivery

Customized Newsletters to suit your brand

We design unique template for your newsletters to suit your brand. The individual newsletters are also designed to match the purpose of the email. We create beautiful newsletters with attractive graphic images with HTML support so that users are impressed and make a click.

Email Management

Schedule Your Campaign & Ensure Fast Delivery

We can schedule the campaign to be sent at any time and once the emails are sent out, we will monitor the delivery and ensure it is delivered completely as fast as possible. Mizzle's Awesome Support Team provide 24x7 monitoring service to ensure your important emails have reached the target base.

Track Email Marketing Campaign

Track Campaign & Monitor Reports

We track each and every campaign to determine how much it has succeeded. We will obtain the data of How many users have viewed the emails & how many of those have clicked on them. We will also find out the Miss Ratio so that we can take necessary actions to improve the email marketing further.

Purpose of Email Marketing / Sending Bulk Emails

To send a newsletter regarding your company or brand
To Promote your product or services
Coupons or Discount offers on product / services
Surveys asking for client's feedback

Utilize the benefits of Email Marketing

We will help you fully utilize the benefits of email marketing by preparing the marketing newsletter with your inputs, sending bulk emails and ensuring the delivery so that you can rest on your laurels and focus on your firm's objectives. Following are some of the tasks that we perform as part of our Email Marketing services.
Setup Bulk Email Application for Email Marketing
Setup Subscription Lists & Import Users
Newsletter Template Designs
Prepare Newsletter content & Design HTML page along with a Text version for the newsletter
Design Images to be used in news letters
Process Bulk Mail delivery
Delivery Verification
Bounce Handling
Ensure high rank for Domain/IP reputation
Spam Delisting
Monitor Analytics Data
Send View & Click Reports to you