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Search Engine Optimization

Mizzle have a unique process of performing Search Engine Optimization. We perform keywords research based on industry & localization, Content analysis & tweaking, HTML Code Optimization & Website Speed Analysis. It is not for nothing that websites SEO by us get the best results - We improve the website for the Search Engine as well as, and more importantly, for the user.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the ranking of a website in leading search engines. SEO for a website will be effective only if you study the respective market and act intelligently. We at Mizzle study well about the market and competitors of the website and apply our intelligence in the website elements to rank it higher than the competitors. Search Engine Optimization is not just a process of improving the rankings but to attract more and more users to your website. The SEO for each website will be different depending on the nature of the business the website deals with. We need to target different kinds of search methods that a user uses for contents in your website. It could be plain texts, images, videos, news or industry specific. We will also make sure that all important contents in your website are identified by the search engines and your website will get listed whenever a user search for them.
SEO Keywords research

Keywords Research

The very first task we do when we perform SEO for a website is Keywords Research based on industry & localization (if the website targets a particular geographical location). We optimize the website with respect to the keywords that end users would use rather than doing it with the keywords selected from the contents on the page. It does make difference and a huge one at that!

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Content Optimization

Most of the times, a website won't get enough reward for its quality and unique contents. Its' mainly because of poor content structure and wrong words. How those contents are placed is very important too. We go through the web pages and optimize web contents to extract best Search Engine performance from them. Once this process is done, you will witness huge leap in SERP.

Web performance monitor

Website Speed Analysis

Do you know your website will not perform well in Search Engines however good contents it has if the website is slow? If you didn't yet, you know it now because your website will be negatively impacted if it takes more time for loading the DOM and/or loading the entire website. For instance, Google does consider the Pagespeed performance of a website while determining the Page Rank.

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HTML Code Optimization

The expert level of SEO comes right here and perhaps the most important part. The key to invite more traffic from search engines is presenting a quality content in the search results that tempts the user to click on the entry. Intelligent construction of internal URLs help to pass link juice across the website appropriately. HTML elements such as 'a', 'img' etc. & CSS must be optimized for best performance.

In order to make your website SEO friendly, we will:

Improve Your Google Page Rank
Identify the keywords
Modify the contents
Optimize internal links
Optimize HTML code
Optimize Meta data
Optimize Page Structure
Optimize Images
Build Sitemap and submit to search engines
Tweak robots.txt
Increase external Links
Build social networking presence.
Each website is different and the SEO for each of them will be different. We will study your website and the targeted customers to choose the best SEO method required for your website.