3rd Party Application Install

Want to Setup a Wordpress backed Blog or website?
Or a Joomla CMS integrated website?
Or even a ECommerce website powered by Magento?
We are here to help!

Third Party Application Installation

Do you want to install a Third party application on your website? We would be happy to do it for you!. We will setup, install and configure the application the way you wanted. We will also help you in migrating an application from one server to another. Services we offer are,

Application Services

Ecommerce solutions



Third party application installation
Application migration
Security Updates
We support installation of applications in following categories
Content Management Services - Joomla, Drupal
E-Commerce - Magento
Discussion Boards
Image Galleries
Blogs - Wordpress
Customer Support
Mailing Lists
Project Management
Polls and Surveys
If the application is integrated on an existing website, it should be customized to have a uniformed look. If the entire website is backed by the application, it would still need to be customized so that you can have a unique theme for your website. Mizzle will be at your disposal for application customization services as well.