Web Hosting & Management Services

Have a nice looking website ready? Mizzle can host your website and emails regardless of its size, help you with any issues that may arise and monitor the performance to ensure your website and emails are working perfectly fine all the time.

Domain Registration

Domain registration is the first stage in starting your online venture. Choose your domain visely. You can register a domain of choice through us. We can also find a better domain for you if you want.

Website & Email Hosting

We offer variety of Hosting packages for you which includes packages specially made for websites, web applications and emails. If you don't have a website ready yet but want to host emails, choose the one suits you from our email hosting plans. We will also study your current needs and give you suggestions to choose the right plan for you.

Website & Email Management

Are you serious about your company's online presence? then Its not about set your website once and forget it. Your website must be regularly updated with latest contents, periodically checked and updated to latest software releases. Well don't worry! we will do everything for you.

3rd Party Application Install

Do you want to install a Third party application on your website? We would be happy to do it for you!. We will setup, install and configure the application the way you wanted. We will also help you in customizing the application so that it looks like part of your website rather than a stand alone application.

Web Performance Optimization

A website that works effortlessly 24 hours a day is essential for a business that relies on the internet to bring revenue whether selling online or not.