Web Services

Mizzle offers you all of their web designer professionals combined knowledge and experience, to provide you with the information you need to successfully plan, create, maintain and expose your Website project. Web Designer will assist with:

Website Designing

We at mizzle continues our research on latest trends and techniques in web designing to provide our customers the best website design available. We study well about your requirements and nature of business before starting on a project. We will be providing a questionnaire from which we collect the nature of website you would like to have. We will also give suggestions after having enough study on your competitor websites to make yours the best. Web Design
Website Design Services

Graphic Design

Do you want a nice looking brochure that sells your product or a digitally created presentation that explains a complicated system or process in an easy manner or a Logo that describes your business? Then look no further! We at mizzle can handle all your graphic designing needs. An informative design can convey the message that cannot be expressed with words alone. Our designs will convey the message you really have for your viewers or customers. Graphic Design

Web Application Development

Web applications have become even more popular of late. The major advantage of having a web application are its easy of use, accessibility and platform independence. A web application can be accessed from any part of the world using any device that have web browser installed in it. We at mizzle apply latest technologies and always try to implement innovative ideas while developing new applications. Web Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications are becoming more popular day by day with the increasing use of smart phones and tablets. Lots of companies have got into Mobile App market to provide their users the most convenient option to interact with them. Nowadays everyone uses smartphones and having a mobile application for your product or brand is an added advantage in online business. Mobile Application Development

Third Party Application Customization

It is important to customize the third party applications installed on your website to make it look exactly like your current website design so that it looks like part of your website rather than a stand alone application. This provides a uniform experience through out the website and prevent the distraction which users might feel when accessing an application which doesn't sync with the rest of the website. We also develop custom plugins for third party applications if needed. Third Party Application Customization

Template Design

Custom made website design templates are simple elements that a new online venture can approach and implement in their business for the marketing and development of the venture. A unique template for each unique website is the aspect that makes the website stands out among various other websites. Not all the new ventures in online business have advanced technical knowledge in creation of websites. Mobile Application Development

Branding & Corporate Identity

In today's competitive world, corporate branding is an essential part of a company who wants their presence in customer's heart. We at mizzle believe that corporate branding is not just designing a colourful logo or website but a more complicated and covering a wide area of process. Corporate Branding & Identity

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the ranking of a website in leading search engines. SEO for a website will be effective only if you study the respective market and act intelligently. We at Mizzle study well about the market and competitors of the website and apply our intelligence in the website elements to rank it higher than the competitors. Search Engine Optimization

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is the advanced or the next step of search engine optimization. You need to consider Internet Marketing if your primary marketing channel is internet. The paid marketing is found to be very effective for websites just like any other marketing channel. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have paid listing option. Internet Marketing

Social Media Marketing & Engagement

Social media marketing means gaining viewers or clients through social media websites. Most important part of social media marketing is creating contents that attracts people and encourage them to share it with others. A message shared from user to user becomes more trusted than from a brand or company to user. Hence this type of marketing is just like word of mouth and this makes social media marketing more affective than paid marketing. Social Media Marketing & Engagement

Email Marketing

Email is still a powerful and personal way to stay connected with your customers. Any email communication can be treated as email marketing if that email helps the company to build and improve customer satisfaction and trust in a product or a service. Email marketing is an efficient way to stay connected with your customers and to promote your business. With email marketing you can reach large markets without the need of advertisement in print or visual media. Email Marketing

Content Writing

Content writing is the line of work which involves the creation of relevant contents for websites. Each website is mainly targeted at a specific group of target audience and the contents in the website must be such that it is easily readable, understandable and informative to the target audience. Contents involve keywords that are used to attract and retain the interest of the users on the website. Social Media Marketing & Engagement

Domain Registration

Domain registration is the first stage in starting your online venture. Choose your domain visely. You can register a domain of choice through us. We can also find a better domain for you if you want. Domain Registration

Website & Email Hosting

We offer variety of Hosting packages for you which includes packages specially made for websites, web applications and emails. If you don't have a website ready yet but want to host emails, choose the one suits you from our email hosting plans. We will also study your current needs and give you suggestions to choose the right plan for you. Website & Email Hosting

Website & Email Management

Are you serious about your company's online presence? then Its not about set your website once and forget it. Your website must be regularly updated with latest contents, periodically checked and updated to latest software releases. Well don't worry! we will do everything for you. Website & Email Management

Third Party Application Install

Do you want to install a Third party application on your website? We would be happy to do it for you!. We will setup, install and configure the application the way you wanted. We will also help you in customizing the application so that it looks like part of your website rather than a stand alone application. Third Party Application Install

Web Performance Optimization

A website that works effortlessly 24 hours a day is essential for a business that relies on the internet to bring revenue whether selling online or not. Our Web Management Services

Website Security

While surfing the vast internet consisting of numerous websites, there are possibilities of harmful components such as viruses, phishing and spyware that are online threats via the net. There are also deceiving websites which collect personal information such as credit card numbers or passwords, involve illegal money transactions or even crash the computer. It will be too late before releasing the threat and the damage will already have been done. Third Party Application Install